What is Hydro Flight?


Flyboarding, Hoverboarding and Jetpacking is a form of sports where you stand on a board or sit in a chair out of which 2 powerful beams of water with high pressure get blasted. The board is attached to a hose, which is connected to a Jetski that powers it all. What's cooler than to fly above the water like a bird? Awesome!

Can i do that?

Everyone is able to go Flyboarding, Hoverboarding or Jetpacking! You can set your own height to make it exciting for you! Our enthousiastic instructors will fly you up and down safely.


Of course not! Free warm wetsuits will be included with the experience. This way it doesn't matter is it happens to be a little colder that day!


Hydro Flight Netherland uses the newest equipment to date, so you can optimally enjoy your experience! For example we have the newest version if the Zapata Flyboard, which yields the following benefits:

- 35% more power

- Easy to control

- Self-floating material

- Lightweight plastic

 For the enthousiastic contestant, we can also apply a twist to the flyboard. This enables you to move your feet independently and perform cool tricks!

The old, heavy Flyboard
The improved, new Flyboard!

The following independent media outlets were ahead of you!

Different media outlets are also very enthousiastic about the new Flyboard-phenomenon. That's why we have already had visits from multiple camera crews and vloggers, who have experienced a spectacular flyboard clinic with us!



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Vaste locaties in Friesland, Groningen, Noord-Holland
*Eigen locaties in heel Nederland mogelijk.