With our 2 waterscooters, and modern Flyboard sets we are the Hydro Flight Expert of the Nothern Netherlands when it comes to bigger groups. Byhaving 2 Flyboard sets we do not only have a backup set, but we can also handle 6 participants per hour! Very convenient if there is limited time available to your group

(The 2 Flyboard sets are expandable with even more sets if needed.)

What about on shore?

Different location?

Flyboarding, Hoverboarding and Jetpacking is enjoyable to watch, especially when one of your friends is on the board! Relax and watch how your friends, colleagues or family is doing while enjoying a cup of coffee, a fun, action packed day is guaranteed!

We have a few of our own, pre-determined locations. But often it is possible to do sessions at a different location. Just contact us! We service anywhere in The Netherlands.

Not all durfals?

Groepen bestaan altijd uit heel veel verschillende karakters van echte actie helden tot kandidaten met enige hoogtevrees. Het leuke van Flyboarden is dat we het gas heel precies kunnen doseren. Als de deelnemer bijvoorbeeld al zichtbaar onder de indruk is van 10 cm boven het wateroppervlak dan houden we hem/haar gewoon op die hoogte.

Onze instructeurs zijn dus heel erg goed in maatwerk, hierdoor is de 
ervaring van deze sport voor iedereen qua spanning en sensatie vrijwel gelijk!

Are you organizing a company outing, Or do you want to go Flyboarding, Hoverboarding or Jetpacking with friends? Contact us for more information or to make an appointment.

Wij willen meer!


Er zijn ook arrangementen met verschillende extra's beschikbaar!

In collaboration with the Bourgondiër we have a special offer. You will sail in a luxurious sloop with a high quality food menu on board. And also experience a flyboarding session!

You will first get a tour over the waters starting in Heeg. After which you can enjoy Flyboarding while enjoying a drink or food from the barbeque or a different menu. A luxurious all-in arrangement from the Frisian waters!

Sailing, Eating and Flyboarding

Het default menu exists of:

- Tapas bites with meat and fish
- Bread with toppings
- BBQ with shrimp, chicken, steak and                tenderloin
- Different sauces, pastasalads and lettuce.

 from €99,50 p.p.*

*Dependant on the desired menu and drinks.

This price is based off of a minimal of 10 people, and 4 hours of sailing.

Zeilen and Flyboarding

A whole day of sailing with a poly valk, while enjoying the thrill of Flyboarding! Fun for everyone.

You and your group will be given a poly valk to sail all day, including a full flyboard experience of 20 minutes! For unexperienced sailors, there is a possibility to include a sailing instructor.

€55,- p.p.*

*With a sailing instructor included, the price will be €75,- p.p.


There is also a possibility to get a professional photographer to shoot action-packed pictures during your group event!

*Price in consultation


Tel: +31 (0) 6 25116108

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Vaste locaties in Friesland, Groningen, Noord-Holland
*Eigen locaties in heel Nederland mogelijk.